On my Attic

There is someone in the attic
Building a strange machine
Never really seen him
But I think he works all day

Blinded by the world outside
I stay inside
Hardly know my name
But it’s getting better by time

I saw something in the mirror
Someone is watching me
If I hide in the attic
They will never get to me

On my Attic

Have fun shopping!



SHADES – Tufted Ottoman Adult @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Console @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Basket @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Lamp @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Cotton Stem Vase @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Clarksburg Blanket Ladder @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Pillow Stack @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Clarksburg Rug @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Clarksburg Vintage Chair-Adult @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Clarksburg Tall Candle Lamp @ Blueprint ❤
JTDD Vintage Bookstack With Cup v
%Percent – Mervelous Chair & Footstool *MESH* @ Blueprint ❤
{RW}  Heritage Rocker Sewing Basket ❤
{RW}  Clothier’s Display Dummy – Plain  @ WE ❤ RP  ❤
{RW}  Clothier’s Display Dummy – Gown @ WE ❤ RP  ❤
MadPea  Truth or Dare – Adult Edition Cosmopolitan  ❤
Dahlia – Loire – Flower Arangement – Yellow @ 6 Republic
Apple May Thankful Cinnmon Candles@ 6 Republic
Ariskea [Vintan] Box of Sewing Material
Kalopsia – Blossom’s Lady Vase
Raindale  ~ winter vase ❤
Fancy Decor: Prescott Book Stack with Box
{what next} Fall Hanging Lanterns on String (natural)
{what next} Wall Hanging Plant
{what next} Camber Coffee Tray V2
{what next} Madeleine Hatbox (stack)
{what next}  Madeleine Hatbox (single)
[ keke ]  autumn bell jar . moths
*~ by Nacht ~ Autumn Attic @ Blueprint ❤



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